Avast antivirus is best antivirus comparison to other Antivirus application and provides the best security from virus today many types of virus-like Trojan, worm, horse, and virus. These viruses affected our system like slow processing, many application does not work properly, browser not responding, and etc.   
About the Avast Antivirus 
Avast AntiVirus is an anti-malware software application developed and distributed by  Symantec Corporation since 1991 as part of its Avast family of computer security products. It uses signatures and heuristics to identify viruses. Other features included in it are e-mail spam filtering and  phishing  protection. 
Nortan and Symantec distribute the product as a download, a box copy, and as OEM software and application. Avast AntiVirus and Avast Internet Security provide the better security and this antivirus held a 61% US retail market share for security suites as of the first half of 2007.  

Avast AntiVirus application runs on many types of the operating system like as Microsoft Windows and macOS. Windows 7 support was in development for versions 2006 through 2008.  
Avast antivirus version 2009 has Windows 7 supported update already and approximately all version support of the Windows 7 operating system like as Versions 2010, 2011, and 2012. Version 12 is the only version fully compatible with Mac OS X Lion. Symantec made changes in its portfolio and briefly discontinued  Avast AntiVirus  and provides the better security With the 2015 series of products, This action was later reversed with the introduction of Avast AntiVirus Basic. Features of Avast Security. Key features and benefits. One solution to protect your devices. Provides protection against viruses, spyware, malware, and other online attacks. Maintains your privacy, no matter what device you are using. Avoids unsafe websites and suspicious downloads. Lets you move protection from one device to another. Lets you add more protection as you get more devices* Easily locates lost or stolen smartphones and tablets. Gives your kids the freedom to enjoy the Internet safely  https://babasupport.org/antivirus

Includes our 100% guarantee: We will help keep your computer virus-free or give you a refund. If you have any types of the issues that are related to the Avast Antivirus so you can contact our  Avast Antivirus Support team and provides the best solution. our technical team is available 24x7 hours in a week.